Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's About Time!

Long time no post!

No I did not get kidnapped by ninjas or anything, after all my kung fu is... still pretty strong. I was working on "THESIS" the most fun senior activity at S.V.A. and surviving it. So finally after first output I get a little bit of my life back, taking showers again, sleeping at night and going out side and seeing the sun. If you didn't make it to last Friday's screening at the S.V.A. theater, or worst you came LATE and didn't see my piece. Here is a link to check out my..."fail thesis" hope you like it!

So finally our beloved system Admin Steve got Maya 2011 installed on some the senior lab computer and I was having the an awesome time playing with it! There is so much improvements in 2011 for rigging they should rename it to...Maya 2011 (rise of rigging)
I mean the these improvements is going to change how rigs are made and really make Maya the program to use for rigging. After looking at 2011 I have to change the way I rig and change some of my rig building scripts because a lot of thing I have to do before is just going to be out dated.

First off, no more twist joints! Dual quaternion skinning takes away the need for twist joints in the rig for wrist, arms, legs. Point on poly constraint is finally here after using the rivit for like years, mirror deformer weights can mirror weights on blend shapes which is pretty cool, weight hammering and ramp color feedback is also pretty cool if you just started rigging and have no idea how to correctly paint weights. With the Sick looking new UI and awesome rigging improvements Maya 2011 is going to be my new toy.

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