Monday, February 21, 2011

Jungle Ballerina

Wow it's been awhile since my last update...damn I need to update more often, I spend the last few month freelancing at framez, but as of now I find my self with more free time than "ever" before...needless to say I should "try" to use this time more wisely before I find my next gig...any how what we have here is...

A rig for the thesis team dual Duce and alejandra. What I tried to do is have on face controls work with blendshapes I made some basic expression blendshapes, but also gave the freedom of letting the animator go in and move any part of the face they wanted even at this "stage" of my rigging "journey" I am still not sure how to do a "good" face rig, all I can do is try and see what others have done before me and learn from that. If any one out there knows how to make face rigs
"PLEASE" help me...before it's too late!!!

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