Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Personification of Death...

In the spirit of Halloween I'm posting the Grim Reaper Rig that I done for Tyler Heckman
He is currently animating his thesis with this rig, along with the W.I.P pig rig...which I have to patch-up pretty soon...

One of the main challenge of this rig is getting the robe to work with out using n-cloth, giving enough control with out over killing the rig with one million+ controllers
The solution that I used is Ribben spines under hierarchys so there can be soft deformations
And this rig is also pretty strenchy happy...with some on face controls

This Rigging demo shows some quick test of the rig, and it has a walk cycle and a short animation by Michelle Czajkowski, thanks to her this rig actually looks pretty good

You can find Tyler's stuff Here
And Michelle's stuff Here

GrimReaper.Rig from zhentingzhou on Vimeo.


  1. lmao Good stuff man! That last animation was funny. Sounds like a heavy awesome rig.

  2. Cool stuff! The robe deforms quite nicely, and that's a nifty control setup you've got for it. Nice job with the facial setup as well!

  3. hehe i just have to figure out how to make stuff all procedural