Monday, November 16, 2009

Bacon on legs

small update with the pig rig.
When I did this rig I was thinking...
well this is the only time I'm going to make a pig rig with these specs that the animator wanted
so there is no point in scripting anything...or write down what I did, I'm never going do anything else like this ever again...(and finished the rig)

about a month later Tyler tells me that there are going to be major changes because he needs new blend-shapes and corrective shapes and more controls, etc
but because the original blendshapes where setup in a messy way the rig needs to go back many many version before the current one...which is version 1.7.0

so I opened up version 1.4.0 the last use-able rig and looked at the screen...I froze in amazement of my own stupidity. I forgot how I did the pig taking apart my own rigs, I piece together the setup I did before
In the end cause the rig isn't all that complex so it worked, but that's one more weekend wasted because of epic fail on my part...

I learned my my grandfather use to say...
"crappy notes are often better than good memory"

PiG_Rig from zhentingzhou on Vimeo.

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  1. Hahahaha, aaahhhh yes...well, at least you've learned your lesson well ;]

    I think this is something every rigger experiences (hopefully only once). I found out the hard way as well, and now I keep a very detailed production journal for all of my rigs.

    PS - Did the MEL is sent you for referencing work?