Thursday, July 7, 2011


So I got handed a really cool script written by THE MAN...Steve man, that can move user made attributes in channel box so it can make reading control channel more clearly for animators. I took his idea and twicked I think Steve's script might be a little more elegant. But being still kind of "FRESH" to this coding thingy I made it so it's more readable and simpler for myself just to learn from and use.

So this script makes a junky UI that lets you select an channel (user made) on the transform of an object and lets you move that channel up or down the channel box. The way of doing this only has the draw back of not being able to do vector attributes I if any you experts out there who has a better way of doing this please share

Link on the bottom is to my own web host I don't have a finished site yet but you can get it from there

OH...please let me know if it has problems or cause problems once again with all scripts
use at your own risk - highEnd3D old saying.... aka...creative Crash

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